Michael Flores
M Brian Flores

M Brian Flores

(909) 784-8535

About Me

I am a UC Irvine undergraduate student, a soldier medic of the Army National Guard and a serious semi-pro photographer.

My experience with photography started with watching my father mixing chemicals to develop old-fashioned film photos. I took a strong interest in photography through high school and most of college, and it really peaked during my deployment to Iraq from 2006 to 2007. One year with a rare subject matter produced fantastic photojournalism, which I hope you see in my portfolio.

These days, I take more human interests photography, especially people and the things they do. Currently open to doing weddings, head shots, glamour, fun photos or really anything!

Tools of Choice

- Nikon D70s with Speedflash 800
- Aperture
- Photoshop

Basic Bio

- 24 Years Old
- Born and raised in and around New York City
- International Studies Undergraduate
- Certified EMT
- 7 years in the Army National Guard
- Enjoy black & white photography
- Recently married :)
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